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GNU-Darwin recommends not to use PayPal until they restore Wikileaks payments.

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Shell accounts!

*** Access to our Phenom Quad CPU included! ***

Dual SpamAssassin servers for high availability!

Users who donate at least $15 to the Distribution have 1 year access to a secure, full-featured web services account, which includes shell access, a email address, and web hosting with a web address and file sharing service. All services are SSL-enabled for password protection. More information about these accounts is available on the GNU-Darwin web services information page.

Account provides email address at


Apache web server and OpenSSH access to a full ports tree loaded with great software like FFmpeg, ImageMagick, netcat, fetchmail, many scripting languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, and all password protected.

GNU-Darwin internet services are built and provided entirely with free software.
For questions about other services which are provided by the Distribution, contact the GNU-Darwin developers

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